take 2

So.. this is take 2 at entering the blogging world. I actually forgot about my first attempt, until I tried to create a WordPress account & was notified that one was already made.

I’m doing this is a bid to let it all out. I have so many things to say, so many emotions & experiences to share, but not enough people to talk to. Typically Ruby. I’ll settle for the interwebs, what better place to send my rambles?

As much as I’d like to do this in chronological order, the emotions & thoughts will flow on to this page, the same way they do through my twisted mind.

But before I get the ball rolling, again, I’ll do a quick get to know my update..

I’m still Ruby-Jane. I still live in Dromana, although I’ve lived in a few other suburbs now. I’m still a mum, but I have two kids now, instead of one. (To different dad’s, may I add) 

& that’s it. For now.


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