And again..

Here it goes; yet ANOTHER attempt at blogging.
(I am known to be one who gives up on projects/ hobbies quite quickly.)

This time it’s going to be used as a therapeutic tool, so hopefully I actually utilise the blog more, in a bid to ease my mental health issue. 

Mental health issues?” I hear you say.
I’ve been on the treacherous road of recovery for close to a year now. My mental health has always been unstable, since I was a teen, but I hit (what I thought was) rock bottom with an alcohol addiction. This is when I finally sought out professional help. 

*insert multiple detoxs, rehab, falls off the wagon, police stations, a court hearing*- I may come back to this stuff later, but for now I’d rather leave it as a fleeting memory. 

I was diagnosed with Dysthymia Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. The moment I heard “Borderline” I threw myself into the worst train of thought, the only depiction of Borderline I had known was that of a socially awkward, overdramitic person. But when I actually read about BPD it was like a light bulb moment. So many things I had done in the past finally made sense. I knew it was going to be a long battle to stability, but it was something I was so excited to do, I was so ready you be normal again. Even though I don’t actually know what normal is for me? 

Anyway. There’s a quick reintro. I’m guessing most posts are going to be rambles; me trying to piece together my thoughts into words, verbal vomit in a bid to clear the clutter from my mind, that sort of stuff. 


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