The identity struggle 

She is a mum, it’s all she knows. 
The tell-tale signs reside on her face. If you pay close attention, you can learn more about her, than she even knows about herself. 

The bags under her eyes, they represent the hours she has spent in a loving embrace with her child, while your were peacefully dreaming. 
Each line above her brow tells a different story; some of bliss, some of anguish. 

Her eyes, oh her eyes. Lifeless and lacklustre, until that moment her child is in her sight, it is then that you see all the love and compassion. 
Her life could be told, just by looking at her. 
Maybe if you look hard enough, you could tell her what she yearns to know, the question that is forever on her mind; “who am I, if not a mum?” 


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